II Surmascotas Veterinary Symposium

One more year, the celebration of the Congress dedicated to the veterinary clinic held on March 1 and 2, 2019 was organized by our team.

Once again, the Congress was held in parallel with SURMascotas, the well-known Companion Animal Fair, a reference meeting in Andalusia that receives a large number of visitors each year (20,000 visits and more than 2,000 dogs of 200 different breeds).

The Andalusian Council of Official Associations of Veterinarians (CACV) has reconsidered the organization of this congress that represents a commitment to the training and specialization of professionals in the sector, for the control and prevention of the health and well-being of families, as well as a support scientific and commercial of the Fair itself.

II Surmascotas Veterinary Symposium - Adriano Group