We held the First Meeting of the Inspections of Health Services for the Evaluation of Management Strategies of the I.T Occupational Health.

Making a complete management of services organized in Seville, it was dedicate to discuss strategies for improvement at national level.

From the choice of spaces and accommodation, to the course of the meeting with the organization of a thematic dinner and activities, Grupo Adriano was in charge of the integral organization and coordination, present all times, during the course of the congress.

Consolidated as one of the scientific-formative references, as well as social and commercial of the professional practice of veterinary pet animals in Spain, the Andalusian Congress of Veterinarians reaches his eleventh edition on 6 and 7 in Seville with a high level participation of both registered and commercial houses.

They went to the capital, Seville, attracted by the large number of participants, not only from the Andalusian community but also from other parts of Spain, as well as, the quality of the papers, focused on this edition in the scientific areas of Hematology, Cytology, Neurology and Soft Tissue Surgery, specialties of high professional interest whose advances in research have been remarkable in recent years.

For this, we have a wide range of speakers of high quality in our country, and an organization measured to the millimeter so that all efforts are reflected in the congress by producers.

Each year the Andalusian Council of Official Associations of Veterinarians and the Illustrious Official College of Veterinarians of Seville organize this international meeting to combine the scientific areas among professionals and veterinarians most representative of the subject treated.

One of the primary objectives of the congress is the improvement of animal welfare and health.

For this edition, with the scientific committee, we have worked for the elaboration of a scientific program where the medical-surgical management of wounds in horses was specifically addressed.

Management of services and management for the organization of this national congress.

This edition of the National Road Safety Congress was held in Valencia to focus his attention on the contribution of infrastructure and equipment for the definition of a new model of safe mobility.

As every year, the novelties of road transport that today are emerging as a reality were exposed.

History of veterinary medicine held at the Valentín de Madariaga Foundation, in Seville, where the book “Start of veterinary medicine in Spain” it was also presented, which explains the history and evolution of this in Spain.

The importance of this event, added to the main reason for its celebration, made this event a very special event for our clients, and Grupo Adriano was once again with them to offer them the required management and organization services.

The first edition of the Congress dedicated to the veterinary clinic has been celebrated, an it gave place in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions (FIBES) of Seville.

The Congress was held in parallel with SURMascotas, the well-known Companion Animal Fair, a reference meeting in Andalusia.

The Andalusian Council of Official Associations of Veterinarians (CACOV) has considered necessary to hold this congress, which involved a commitment to the training and specialization of professionals in the sector, for the control and prevention of the health and well-being of families.

The theme of the congress revolved around soft tissue surgery in pet animals and was argued by specialist speakers in this discipline.

This workshop aimed to enhance the integration and take advantage of the knowledge of the clinical and national research staff, it was held at the Engineers School of Seville, on Cartuja´s Island.

The scientific program had a global character, and it had speakers of great international recognition, it covering general aspects and research topics more specific to protontherapy. In addition, he had the experience of the patient-doctor tandem in the situation of referral to a foreign center for treatment with protontherapy.

Celebrated in the Centre Museístic La Beneficencia, in Valencia, the organization of the 24th Vyodeal offered companies interesting options for collaboration, through which to achieve high visibility of the company before, during and after this celebration.

In addition, in parallel to the technical sessions of the 24th Vyodeal, there was a show in which companies and entities, public and private can show their latest developments, products and services to all delegates participating in the Congress

Annual convention of the Spanish agri-food cooperatives, to promote development and new opportunities, this year celebrated in Víctor Villega´s auditorium in Murcia.

With speakers from all areas close to the sector, more than 400 people had the pleasure of attending this event. In addition, workshops were held to continue learning and evolving with explanations by experts, and stands sponsored by large companies of the Spanish agri-food were exhibited.


Singapore is vibrant and surprising, the Asian Tiger, a city, island and nation with almost 5 million inhabitants that has become a global icon. Together with Bangkok and Hong Kong, Singapore is currently one of the standards of Southeast Asia, therefore, it was the chosen destination for this incentive.

With parks of more than 100 hectares, his innumerable special corners, and his fusion restaurants of the Spanish-Asian cuisine, made this incentive an unrepeatable experience, and above all surprising, since we try to show the most special and least visited places creating unique moments.

Enjoying a wonderful Parador, a panoramic view of the entire city was observed throughout the event.

We focus on showing the most essential aspects of the culture of Cadiz, and that is why we organize a Chirigotas workshop as a main activity.

We focus the restaurants and the walks in getting into the city to know all the special corners of which it is composed, and we made the audience enjoy the best food from Cadiz, and the best flamenco live, all of this forming a unique experience.

We traveled to Peru organizing an incentive for an international insurer, rewarding their workers for the effort invested during the year.

We visited the capital of Lima, his convents, the Arma´s Square, one of the most important in the city, the Barranco´s neighborhood, where we learned about his history, and enjoyed museums such as the Pedro de Osma Republican Art Museum.

We went to the best restaurants of the city, with spectacular views to taste and enjoy the purest Peruvian cuisine.

Once we have visited the main points of the capital of Peru, we organized an excursion to go up to Machu Picchu, a unique experience that our assistants will never forget.


Teambuilding experience enjoying the best activities that southern Spain can offer us.

With boat trips to the most famous spots in Andalusia, visits to beaches, tastings in wineries, activities in 4×4 … and endless ideas embodied in a single event to achieve the objectives proposed by our client, where fun was the main factor.

For this presentation, we were in charge of creating the hospitality with stewardess who welcomed the attendees.

We coordinate the catering and the presentation of the destination showing the best and most attractive things, it helped by the Tourism of the Basque Government. All the details were important, from the typical snacks of the destination at lunch, to the gifts offered to the attendees.

This awards ceremony granted by the Andalusian Council of Official Schools of Andalusia, which is repeated annually, and it has been celebrated in Almeria this year.

In the act of delivery of VII Albéitar Awards, that are granted to the professional excellence in 2017, celebrated in the Museum of the Guitar, the vets have been urged to “lead the reform of the law to adapt it to sensitivity of our society for animal welfare”.

Among the winners, the National Veterinary Group of the General State Administration in the institutional category, in recognition of the public exercise that it has marked the path of the veterinary profession in Spain.

At the same time, scientific recognition has fallen to the Dr. in Veterinary D. Felix Infante Miranda in recognition of his career of more than 50 years as Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the University of Cordoba.

Complete organization of the opening ceremony for new insurance office in Seville center.

This inauguration, with activities organized during the previous days, was blessed on Friday, April 20th  by the Rev. P.D Ignacio Jiménez Sánchez Dalp.

Discovering in front of the eyes of the attendees, the commemorative plaque that symbolized the beginning of a new stage for this company.

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